3rd Annual ASA Girls SoftBall Held at Hidden Meadows GC

The ASA Girls Softball organization had their 3rd Annual Golf Tournament at Hidden Meadows GC on Sunday. 20 teams participated in the fundraiser, which is used to fund an annual scholarship and to support the organization.

The team of Dakota Madden, Dillon Leland, Austin Soucy and Bryce Richards tied for the low round of the day with the team of Greg Burby, Donnie Gross, Steve Henigan and John Higgins. Both teams shot 61, with Madden’s team taking the top spot after the tie-breaker countback.

Bob Leighton, Mike Legasse, Dave Brewer and Ken White finished 3rd with 63, followed by Brian Day, Matt Day, Brian Tewhey and Adam Pollack, who also shot 63. Peter Fournier, Adam Fournier, Brent Fournier and Corey Fournier shot 64 to finish in 5th place.

A big thank you to Bob Leighton and his team of at least 15 volunteers that brought this tournament together. Great job everyone!

Final results

1. Dakota Madden, Dillon Leland, Austin Soucy, Bryce Richards 61 (3); 2. Greg Burby, Donnie Gross, Steve Henigan, John Higgins 61 (4); 3. Bob Leighton, Mike Legasse, Dave Brewer, Ken White 63 (2,4); 4. Brian Day, Matt Day, Brian Tewhey, Adam Pollack 63 (2,5); 5. Peter Fournier, Adam Fournier, Brent Fournier, Corey Fournier 64.

6. Noah Sargent, Corey Lacadie, Derek Lacadie, Garret Swazey 65 (3,3); 7. Mike Gardner, Corey Madden, Tom Preble, Chris Preble 65 (3,4); 8. Vinny McIntyre, Linda McIntyre, Vern Nadeau, Lawrence Lord 65 (4,5,2,3); 9. Ken Mitchell, Mike Cote, Joe Severance, Mike Mitchell 65 (4,5,2,4); 10. Mike Thibodeau, Zack Kochis, Chuck Mailloux, David Theriault 66.

11. Ryan Madden, Marty Carmichael, James Smith 67; 12. Phil Smith, Chris Smith, Josh Lizotte, Mike Day 68; 13. Mike Turner, Jeff Bergeron, Jerry Colby, Peter Higgins 69 (3); 14. Mike Martin, Jeff Hayward, Keith Boucher, Joe Deschene 69 (4,5,2); 15. Jeff Thompson, Craig Worster, Pat Neal, Pat Rogerson 69 (4,5,3,4,3).

16. Jared Wood, Jess Wood, Jason Getchell, Mark Shorey 69 (4,5,3,4,4). 17. Cilnt Higgins, Dan Cullen, Jen Veino, Gary Powers 70; 18. Todd Saucier, Cory LaBelle, Dave Hufstutler, Tony Crews 71; 19. Brian St. Louis, Cody St. Louis, Jared Winchenbach, Brandon Winchenbach 74; 20. Dan Thornton, Theresa Cody, Zach Gasaway.

Long Drive, #2 (64-younger): Dan Cullen
Long Drive, #2 (65-older): Gary Powers
Long Drive, #2 (Women): Kayla Madden
Closest to the pin, #4: Jean Nadeau, 2’0″
Closest to the pin, #8: Adam Fournier, 8’3″

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