Course Open For Walking; Carts Still A Few Days Out

Good Morning everyone!

While yesterday’s 86* weather and strong breeze helped dry up a lot of the golf course, it is still too wet to safely let the carts out on the course.

We are supposed to get anywhere from .25″ to .80″ of rain over the next two days. The forecast beyond Friday looks really good. If that holds up, we should be able to get carts on the course by Monday. If we get less rain than forecast, we may be able to get them out more quickly.

We want the carts on the course just as bad as everyone else. Unfortunately a cart on the course in these conditions can do damage that will take months to repair. So hopefully over the course of the next few days the conditions will improve enough so that we can get those buggies out there.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Joe & Rob

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