It’s May 7th. Is It Worth Getting A Membership For The Season?

Whenever we have a late spring, or seemingly jump straight from winter to summer, the question comes up whether or not it’s worth getting a membership for the year. With April gone and the course finally drying out enough to play in the first week of May, sometimes people wonder if they’ve lost too many days to make getting a membership a good idea.

That is a great question!

Using today, May 7th, as the starting point and October 15th as the end of the season (we are normally open into the first two weeks of November, depending on the weather, but we’ll use October 15th for our numbers), we have 161 days of golf for the season. That’s 23 weeks. If a person were to play twice a week, they would play 46 times. Keep this number in mind. Also remember, there are no restrictions on memberships. Every membership is good for seven days a week, and an unlimited number of holes every day.

So let’s start with our daily green fees. For walkers, we charge $15 for 9-holes, $21 for 18-holes. Carts are $8 per person for 9-holes, $12 per person for 18-holes.

•An adult season pass (age 61-younger) is $475 for unlimited play walking. If a person only played 9-hole rounds, they would have to play 31.6 times to break even. If they played only 18-hole rounds, they would have to play 22.6 times to break even.

•An adult season pass with a riding cart is $825 ($475 plus $350 for the cart). If a person only played 9-hole rounds, they would have to play 35.9 times to break even. If they played only 18-hole rounds, they would have to play 25 times to break even.

Using the same formula, here is how the rest of our rates break down:

•Adult Couples season pass (age 61-younger) is $675. Each person plays 22.5 9-hole rounds, 16 18-hole rounds.

•Adult Couples season pass with cart ($675 plus $450 for the cart) is $1,125. Each person plays 24.5 9-hole rounds, 17.1 18-hole rounds.

•Family season pass (age 61-younger, kids 18-younger) is $775. With a family of three people, each person plays 17.2 9-hole rounds, 12.3 18-hole rounds.

•Senior single season pass (age 62-older) is $375. 25 9-hole rounds, 17.8 18-hole rounds.

•Senior single season pass with cart ($375 plus $350 for the cart) is $725. 31.5 9-hole rounds, 22 18-hole rounds.

•Senior couples season pass is $525. Each person plays 17.5 9-hole rounds, 12.5 18-hole rounds.

•Senior couples season pass with cart ($525 plus $450 for the cart) is $975. Each person plays 21.2 9-hole rounds, 14.8 18-hole rounds.

•College students season pass (full time student, 12 credits) is $225. 15 9-hole rounds, 10.7 18-hole rounds.

•High school students season pass (senior in high school or younger) is $175. 11.7 9-hole rounds, 8.3 18-hole rounds.

•We also have Corporate Memberships available.

As you can see, for a person that is going to play a minimum of twice per week from now until the middle of October, every one of these passes will save you money.

But wait, there are even MORE advantages to having a membership at Hidden Meadows Golf Course.

Hidden Meadows Golf Course is the founding member of the North Atlantic Golf Course Association (NAGCA). The NAGCA is a group of 25+ courses located in Maine, Canada and Wisconsin (1 course). If you are a member of one of these courses, you get to play up to two free rounds of golf at each of the other courses in the association. All you have to pay for is a cart. That works out to nearly $2,500 worth of free green fees every year. Quite an added value to your membership!

What? There’s even more included with a Hidden Meadows membership?

Every member receives two guest passes so they can bring friends out to play. They also receive a free bucket of range balls, a free lesson or club fitting session with course owner and PGA Professional Joe Perdue, and reduced UPS shipping rates. We have a daily UPS pick-up here at the course, so anyone that needs to send an item anywhere in the world can save money by dropping it off here.

Hidden Meadows members are also eligible to play in the annual Club Championship, the annual Member-Guest and the annual Match Play Championship. We also have leagues that are open for both members and non-members.

With all this talk about the rates, what’s the course like?

Over the past several years, Hidden Meadows has built 13 new tee areas, and now offers alternate tees for everyone looking to play 18 holes. We’ve added several new strategically placed bunkers to challenge any level of play, and the third hole will make you think of St. Andrews, with a large ‘double’ green. Hidden Meadows has also become recognized for having some of the best greens in the greater Bangor area.

The new section of the third green opened last season, providing golfers with a taste of the famous double greens at St. Andrews in Scotland.

At Hidden Meadows Golf Course, we want our members and all of our patrons to have a great experience every time they come out to the course. We have a dependable fleet of Club Car golf carts. We continue to invest in new maintenance equipment to keep the course in the best possible condition at all times. We have developed a responsible fungicide and pesticide program to maintain and improve the quality of our greens, tees and fairways. We take extra care of our greens with regular verticutting, annual aerification and overseeding. We are continually making improvements and additions to the entire facility, recently adding a covered picnic area and breaking ground for a new teaching/club fitting studio.

Regular verticutting is one of the many maintenance practices we use to make our greens roll great and fun to putt on.

Hidden Meadows members can be confident that every member is treated equally. Our pricing structure is consistent, and you will never see Monty Hall jump out from behind a curtain and say ‘Let’s Make A Deal!’ All of our fees are published, and they are all available to everyone. And while we do offer Early Bird Special’s and Twi-Light Rates, those specials will never have such an impact on fees that you will ever question your decision to purchase a membership.

If you haven’t ever played here, or if you haven’t been here in a while, come on out and give us a try. It’s a great way to spend a couple hours outdoors and share time with family and friends. And while you’re here, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see a deer or moose or porcupine, and we definitely have lots of birdies and eagles flying around.

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