Join For The Rest of The Year And Save Some $$$

Now that the weather seems to be a little bit more ‘golf friendly,’ here’s a chance to renew your membership for the rest of this year.

Beginning today, we are offering the following rates for unlimited play through the end of this season:

Adult – single: $275; Adult – couple: $385; Family: $445 (includes 18-years old & younger, everyone living under the same roof); Senior – single (age 62-older): $215; Senior – couple (age 62-older): $300; College student (12 credits or more): $130; Junior (age 18-younger): $100.

These rates are good for seven days a week. There are no restrictions on weekends or holidays. These rates are extended to both previous and new members.

We will also be running a special beginning September 1st, where you can purchase your 2020 membership and play the rest of this year for free. This offer will only be available to people that have not been a member since 2015 or before. If you were a member in 2016, 2017 or 2018, you will not be eligible for the September promotion.

If you have any questions, please contact the pro shop at 207-827-4779.

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