Kauppila’s Defend Big Cup Title

Wes Kauppila and Chris Kauppila defended their title today, firing a 12-under-par 59 in the 6th Annual Big Cup Scramble at Hidden Meadows Golf Course.

The Kauppila’s winning score was five shots clear of Clay Holliday and Warren Walker, who toured the course in 64 strokes. Dillon Leland and Jody Lyford tied with the team of Ron Morin and David Nadeau for third place with 69. Ray Hussey and Stacey Hussey took fifth place honors with 70.

Landon Lapointe had the best tee shot on the par 3’s, landing one 11’2″ on #17. In addition to capturing the closest-to-the-pin prize for that hole, he won two rounds of golf at Samoset Resort.

Final Results

1st 59 Wes Kauppila, Chris Kauppila $55 each
2nd 64 Clay Holliday, Warren Walker $45 each
T3rd 69 Dillon Leland, Jody Lyford $37.50 each
69 Ron Morin, David Naudeau $37.50 each
5th 70 Ray Hussey, Stacey Hussey $30 each
6th 71 Kelly LaPointe, Landon LaPointe $25 each
7th 72 Brett Stuart, George Keefe $20 each
T8th 73 Jason Levasseur, Elizabeth Levasseur $15 each
73 Owen Maurais, Rick Gilman $15 each
T10th 74 Mike Cote, Joe Mitchell $5 each
74 Alan Comeau, Chris Comeau $5 each
74 Bill Fernandez, Lorraine Lanigan $5 each
74 David Saucier, David Thibodeau $5 each

#4 15’10” Garrett Libby $20
#8 19’4” Matthew Libby $20
#13 13’5” George Keefe $20
#17 11’2” Landon LaPointe $20

Super Pin 11’2” Landon LaPointe 2 rounds of golf a Samoset

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