Lanigan, Leland, Kauppila and Kauppila Win Annual Rotary Tournament

19 teams competed for prizes, flag events and more than $3,200 in raffle prizes in the annual Old Town Rotary Club Charity Golf Tournament at Hidden Meadows Golf Course this past Saturday.

The team of Chris Kauppila, Wes Kauppila, Dillon Leland and Ed Lanigan too first place honors with a 13-under-par 58. Matt Shannon, Jevon Owens, Don Powers and Ed Ripley finished second with 61. Buzz Simpson, Peter Stewart, Jason Bennet and Brian Heard came in third place with 61.

David Saucier, David Thibodeau, Tom Harris and Rick Gilman finished in fourth place with 62 while Frank Greenleaf, Allan Gray, Fran Riva and Gary Greenleaf rounded out the top five with 62.

A special thanks to Linda Bryant and her team for the great job they did feeding everyone. And a big thank you to all of the volunteers who put this tournament together:

DJ Whitmore, Linda Bryant, Bugsy Bryant, Dave Woolstadt, Joe Cyr, Tess Greene, Phil Barb, Frank Greenleaf, Steve Johnston, Bruce Shirland, Jay MacDonald, Dave Wight, Sherrie Wight and Ben Smith.

Thank you to all the players and volunteers for making this a successful event!

Final results:

1st, 58: Chris Kauppila, Wes Kauppila, Dillon Leland, Ed Lanigan;
2nd, 61: Matt Shannon, Jevon Owens, Don Powers, Ed Ripley;
3rd, 61: Buzz Simpson, Peter Stewart, Jason Bennet, Brian Heard;
4th, 62: David Saucier, David Thibodeau, Tom Harris, Rick Gilman;
5th, 62: Frank Greenleaf, Allan Gray, Fran Riva, Gary Greenleaf;
6th, 63: Bob Leighton, Bob Tweedie, Frank Dubay, Greg Tweedie;
7th, 63: Brett Stuart, Joe Stuart, Larry Stuart, George Keefe;
8th, 63: Ryan Lucas, Richard Brown, Jim Evans, Matt Willette;
9th, 64: Neil Labbe, Cindy Labbe, Owen Maurais, Bob Ashe;
10th, 64: Ken Mitchell, Joe Mitchell, Joe Severance, Mike Cote;
11th, 64: Ron Morin, Ray Hussey, Stacey Hussey, David Nadeau;
12th, 65: Ed Lucas, Richie King, Ed King, Gene Fadrigon;
13th, 65: Wayne Hartt, Suzanne Hartt, Nick Carparelli, Darren Mailman;
14th, 66: Alan Hussey, Gary Powers, Charlie LeFevbre, Larry Young;
15th, 66: Randy Bernard, Mark Bennett, John Lodge, Greg Bergeron;
16th, 67: Bugsy Bryant, Scott Thomas, Mark Hackett, Lance Fennimore;
17th, 67: Lorraine Lanigan, Michelle Kauppila, Kathy LaFontaine, Nancy Hart;
18th, 68: Don Sturgeon, Matt Libby, Janelle Libby, Garrett Libby;
19th, 70: Mike LaFontaine, Robbie Robertson, Terry Grant, Alan Cust.

Flag Events:

#1, Closest-to-the-rope: Ken Mitchell, 0’0″
#2, Long drive, men 64-younger: Bill Simpson
#2, Long drive, men 65-older: Nick Carparelli
#2, Long drive, women: Stacey Hussey
#4, Closest-to-the-pin: Chris Kauppila, 7’1″
#8, Closest-to-the-pin: Gary Greenleaf, 7’2″
#13, Closest-to-the-pin: Kathy LaFontaine, 3″
#17, Closest-to-the-pin: Lance Fenimore, 9’8″

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