Longtime Hidden Meadows Member Bernie Lucas Passes Away

We received some sad news this morning that longtime Hidden Meadows member, Bernie Lucas, passed away last night.

Bernie, along with his brother Ken (Choppy) and best friend Rand Trembley, were a fixture here at the course, playing three or four days a week. In his younger days, he played off a three handicap and up until he started having some back issues, could still get around the course in the low 40’s for nine holes.

Rand Trembley, Bernie Lucas and Choppy Lucas

Bernie worked at Hidden Meadows for several years during the mid-2000’s when his family owned the course. He’d go around the course fixing ball marks, replacing divots, sanding tees….all things that most golfers would never notice or appreciate unless it wasn’t done. He took great pride in the course, and would always make sure to compliment our grounds crew on the nice job they were doing.

Bernie had a quiet demeanor and dry wit. His brother Choppy would do most of the talking while we’d have coffee together before their round, but Bernie would drop a in one-liner here and there that you wouldn’t expect, sometimes stopping Choppy right in his tracks. Not much got past Bernie, and he would pick his spots. It would absolutely crack me up.

Bernie had quite the logo golf ball collection, and according to his friend Rand Trembley, it numbered north of 5,000. “I’d look through his collection, which took up a wall and a half in his garage, and I’d never find two that were the same. I don’t know how on earth he kept track of what he had, but he had a system, and I never could find a duplicate.” The Penoby Times did a story a few years back about it, and I’ll post it here if I can get a copy from them.

Bernie was one of the most kind people I have ever met in my life. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone, and he would go out of his way to pass along a compliment. He truly appreciated his friends, and would do whatever he could to make their day better.

Bernie, you always made my day better every time you came to the golf course and you would always put a smile on my face. It was always such a joy to have you here, to see you enjoying the golf course and enjoying the company of your friends. Everyone here at the course is going to miss you.

Bernie, Choppy and Rand

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