New Tee Construction

If you’ve been wondering why there have been piles of dirt appearing in strategic areas of the golf course over the past couple of weeks, it’s because we are building some new tee areas.

Our original plan was to build a new women’s tee on #2 and on #9, along with a new senior tee on #5. While we were doing this, we decided to enlarge the new white tee on #7 and #8, as well as add a new green tee on #7.

The tees should be shaped by the end of the day tomorrow (8-24), and we will be sodding everything towards the end of next week. Hopefully we get a good growing season in September, and if spring is kind to us, we should be on the new tees the early part of next season.

Once this project has been completed we’ll have separate tees for all of our regular tees, senior tees and women’s tees, and we’ll be done with all new construction on the original 9-holes. This will make a total of 19 new tees we have built over the past few years. Not sure what we’ll do with all of our free time next season, although we do have about 140 acres surrounding the course. Hmmmm……….

New senior tee and new women’s tee on #2.

New senior tee on #5.

New women’s tee on #9.

Tee expansion for the white tee on #8.

Tee expansion for the white tee on #7.

New green tee on #7.

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