Nice Round George!

George Thibodeau fired an 86 yesterday at Hidden Meadows Golf Course from the senior tees, the white/gold combination. You might wonder what the big deal is about that.

In golf, there are a couple of milestones. Making a hole-in-one, making a double-eagle (a 2 on a par 5 or hole-in-one on a par 4), and shooting better than your age on a regulation length course.

George turned 91 last month, so shooting an 86 is impressive. But for George, it’s pretty much an every round occurrence. He carries a 20 handicap, and regularly shoots 84-90. Also, unless he’s playing in a tournament, he walks the course.

I’m sure George will be a little bit embarrassed when he finds out that I am publishing this, as he would be the last person to ever tell anyone. But in my book it’s a pretty big deal, and I think it’s great.

Congratulations George. My hat is off to you. Nice round!

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