Old Town Rotary Tournament a Success

The annual Rotary Charity Golf Tournament was held at Hidden Meadows Golf Course on Saturday. 18 teams (72 players) were treated to a gorgeous day, nice playing conditions, great food and $2,700+ in prizes.

A big thank you to Ben Smith, Dave Wollstadt, Frank Greenleaf, Bugsy Bryant and all of the volunteers and members of the Rotary Club who worked hard to bring all of this together. Through all of their efforts the tournament raised roughly $6,000, which will be used to benefit Sarah’s House and other Rotary charities.

Thank you to everyone for playing. We hope you enjoyed your day at Hidden Meadows GC.


1. Matt Shannon, Matt Walsh, Jeff Tienerson, Mark Bartholemew 56, 2. Ralph Backman, Sr., Ralph Backman, Jr., Dean Fenton, Pat Benson 61, 3. David Saucier, David Thibodeau, Tom Harris, Rick Gilman 61, 4. Bob Cust, Gloria Brown, Wes Kauppila, Chris Kauppila 62, 5. Ron Morin, David Nadeau, Ray Hussey, Stacey Hussey 63.

6. Buzz Simpson, Jason Bennet, John Goss, Scott Wiley 63, 7. Michael LaBree, Jeremiah LaBree, Kevin LaBree, Kathleen LaBree 64, 8. Don Sturgeon, Jane Sturgeon, Matt Libby, Garrett Libby 66, 9. Bob Leighton, Frank Dubay, R. Tweedy, D. Doniell 67, 10. Bugsy Bryant, Bob Thomas 67.

11. Frank Greenleaf, Mark Greenleaf, Mike LaFontaine, George Thibodeau 68, 12. Sonny LeClair, Zach LeClair, Nason Hartley, Cam Cota 69, 13. Casella Team #1 69, 14. Richie King, Ed King, Gene Fadrigon, Ed Lucas 70, 15. Ken Mitchell, Joe Mitchell, Joe Severance, Mike Cote 71.

16. Lorraine Lanigan, Michele Kauppila, Kathy LaFontaine, Donna Emerson 79, 17. Casella Team #2 81. 18. Luke Monson, Rick Munson, n/c

Flag Events:
#1. Closest to the rope: Scott Thomas
#2. Long drive 64-younger: Nate Mugford
#2. Long drive 65-older: Ken Mitchell
#2. Long drive women: Kathleen LaBree
#4. Closest to the pin: Frank Greenleaf, 9’1″
#8. Closest to the pin: Lance Fenimore, 5’7″
#13. Closest to the pin: Ed Lucas, 12’7.5″
#17. Closest to the pin: Kevin LaBree, 13’4″

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