Support Cooper and the Local Scouts

So one of our junior members, Cooper Neely, was in yesterday. He was sporting his Cub Scouts uniform and made a beeline for my office. He came in and said, “I’ve got lots of choices for lots of money,” as he put his fundraising sheet in front of me.

After some questions about the products he was selling, and after noticing that I only ranked 19th on his hit list, he finally made a sale.

In all seriousness, Scouting is a great thing for a kid to be involved with and it teaches lots of life skills. If you want to support Cooper in his scout fundraising, let us know and we will pass your information on to him.

Trust me on this, it’s worth the price just watching him trying to make a sale. I’m still smiling from yesterday. Cooper, you crack me up pal!

Cooper Neely

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