Thank You John Bapst Hockey Boosters!

The John Bapst Hockey Boosters had their annual golf tournament at Hidden Meadows this morning. Fortunately the weather cooperated and conditions were perfect for a morning on the links.

Thank you to Megan Granger, Tracy Reese, Mona Spear and the rest of the volunteers. Golf tournaments are a lot of work, and everyone did a fantastic job making all of this come together.

Here are the results:

1st, Wally Tardiff, Ryan Nadeau, Steve Farley, J.T. Davis 56; 2nd, Kevin Tilton, Emily Tilton 58; 3rd, Andy Stephenson, Chris Tannis, John Ambrose 59; 4th, Tony Reese, Jacob Reese, Nathaniel Reese, Beaulieu 59; 5th, Ken Mitchell, Joe Mitchell, Joe Severance, Mike Cote 63; 6th, Craig Wooster, Chris Brochu, Aimee Cyr, Tim Brochu 64; 7th, Richie King, Gene Fadrigon, Ed King, Ed Lucas 64; 8th, Kim Meagher, Andy Meagher, Mike Meagher, Kent Reichel 65; 9th, George Walls, Kevin Robbins, Dave Butterfield, Luke Libbey 65; 10th, Neil Labbe, Cindy Labbe, Owen Maurais, Bob Ashe 65; 11th, Bob Needham, Mike Lebel, Reg Cardinal, Tom 68; 12th, Earle Hannigan, Calista Hannigan, Sam Lander, Meg Lander 73; 13th, Alan Spear, Matt Spear, Phil Frost, Ben Spear 75.

Closest-to-the-Pin #8: Ryan Nadeau, 14’2″; Long Drive, 64-younger, Wally Tardiff; Long Drive, 65-older, Ken Mitchell; Long Drive, women, Emily Tilton.

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