The Storm Could Have Been Worse

Rob and I just took a quick ride around the course. It will be at least noon tomorrow before we’re open for play. Not sure we’ll be able to get the carts out tomorrow. We’ll update you on that when we can. Here are a few pictures of the damage. It could have been a lot worse.

Next to the entrance of the course

Path leading to the clubhouse.

Tree across the path next to the 1st tee.

Cart path leading up to #3 tee.

Path from #3 green to #4 tee.

The wind is still blowing pretty hard this afternoon.

Somehow all the grass behind the 4th green was blown over, and this weird shaped circle appeared.

Just about every ball washer and waste basket blew over around the entire course.

Right side of #5 fairway.

Right side of #5 fairway.

Next to the 6th tee.

Right side of the 6th fairway.

Next to the service road.

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