The Trackman Combine Test at Hidden Meadows Golf Course

The Trackman Combine. Hidden Meadows Golf Course. What’s it all about?

This is a 60 shot test with 9 specific targets for distance and accuracy, along with the driver for distance and accuracy. This is one of the best training tools available in the world to work on your distance and accuracy control.

We’ve been using this at Hidden Meadows for the past few years. Here’s our current leaderboard:

1. Brad Wilkins, 80.5
2. Brad Wilkins, 74.7
3. Joe Perdue, 74.6
4. Joe Perdue, 74.4
5. Brad Wilkins, 70.1
6. Brad Wilkins, 70.1
7. Brad Wilkins, 69.1
8. Brad Wilkins, 68.5
9. Joe Perdue, 66.6
10. Brad Wilkins, 66.2
11. Cole Daniel, 65.9
12. Cole Daniel, 64.9

So are you up for the Trackman Combine challenge? Call us at 827.4779 to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a Youtube video with some more information:

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