We’ll Be Open Until Mother Nature Decides Otherwise, In Spite Of What You See On FaceBook

One of our members came in today and said, ‘Joe, I read on FaceBook that you are closing on November 12th.’ I said, ‘That’s news to me, but I’ll check with Rob. We normally talk about those sorts of things before making a decision.’

So after poking around a little bit, I did indeed find where Hidden Meadows Golf Course had announced they were closing on November 12th. But it’s the Hidden Meadows Golf Course in Glenmont, New York.

We do get some interesting phone calls in the pro shop asking about tee times and rates. This past winter someone called to ask if we were going to be open the next day. I told them we’d just had a blizzard blow through here with five feet of snow and said it was unlikely we’d be ready for play the next day. It got real quiet on the other end of the phone. The fellow probably wondered what I was talking about, since he was trying to call the Hidden Meadows GC in Northport, Alabama.

Had another call for that course in Alabama asking about rates, and we told them about our daily special for $28, which includes a cart. Also told him that we did not require a tee time. He said, ‘oh, that’s great. Usually I can NEVER get a weekend time at your course. See you in the morning.’ I’m sure he got a funny look when he showed up in Alabama, expecting a special with no tee time, when their regular rate is $40.

Then last month I had a call from a guy that had an out-of-state area code and with a distinct southern accent, asking about playing in a tournament we were holding. This time I asked which golf course he was trying to get hold of, and he said, ‘Hidden Meadows in Old Town, ME.’ I explained to him why I asked and he started laughing. ‘I’m in the military, and I’m actually from Alabama!’

There’s never a dull moment here at the golf course.

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