We’re Gonna Miss You Choppy

Kenneth ‘Choppy’ Lucas, who managed Hidden Meadows Golf Course for several years, passed away earlier this week after battling some health issues, which began last fall.

The first time I met Choppy was the middle of December, 2009. I had never been to Maine before, and was here from Washington state to check out Hidden Meadows, which was for sale. After shaking hands, I said, ‘Yankees fan, eh?’ Choppy grinned and said, ‘Oh, you’re a wise-guy I see,’ since he was sporting a Red Sox jacket. We became fast friends on the spot.

December, 2009. Choppy did not want to be mistaken for a Yankees fan.

Choppy, along with his brother Bernie and best friend Rand Trembley, were morning regulars at the course. Choppy would always get here a little bit early, get the carts and coffee ready for Bernie and Rand, and we’d banter back and forth about everything and anything, mostly about the Red Sox and the Patriots (I’m a Mariner, Seahawk and Packers fan). I also learned a lot about the golf course, as he’d spent six years helping to manage the clubhouse and mowing the course.

Bernie Lucas, Choppy Lucas, Rand Trembley

Choppy would help someone at the drop of a hat. Several times over the past seven years, he spearheaded golf fundraisers to help family and friends offset horrible medical bills. He would spend hours and hours rounding up sponsors from local businesses, and getting teams together to come out and play. His fundraisers always had full fields, and he raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help people get through some tough times. He was the kind of person that would always step up to help someone.

Choppy was quite a character, and you always had to stay on your toes around him. He also loved playing golf as much as anyone I’ve ever known. He’d be so disappointed if he couldn’t play because the weather wasn’t cooperating, or if he wasn’t feeling well.

Choppy, it won’t ever be the same around here without you. I’ll miss your quick wit and your mischievous grin. I never did ask how you came to be known as ‘Choppy,’ but I always thought it was a great name for a golfer. Thank you for helping to convince me to buy this golf course, and thank you for your friendship. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend.

Kenneth ‘Choppy’ Lucas

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